ha hu (pronounced as hä•hōō)

The first two letters of the alphabet written in Ge'ez script: a script used in several languages of

Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Ha Hu is the beginning of the alphabet, the beginning of a new way to connect, and the beginning of a revamped cultural education through fashion. We want this to be a springboard for wider human interaction and cultural appreciation.

Ha Hu is a platform that gives attention to those with a story to tell. This includes everyone: share your own stories related to education, culture, or whatever matters to you most to inspire others.

Every single product is made in the Netherlands. Each article of clothing is crafted by a small group of dedicated artisans.

Ha Hu is dedicated in its pursuit of a prosperous tomorrow. Our committed aim of being a beacon for good in the world will be evident in our future endeavors.

- Ha Hu