• Ha Hu is the beginning of the alphabet, the beginning of a new way to connect, and the beginning of a revamped cultural education. This bag is a new way to connect in order to achieve wider human interaction and cultural appreciation. 


    Every single bag is handmade in the Netherlands and is crafted by a small group of dedicated artisans. The bag is made out of a very strong high-quality plain woven fabric with a smooth linen feel that is characteristic of traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean clothing. 


    The bag also comes with a little handmade notebook, two bracelets and a poem written by Johan Guda that you could possibly frame and use as a decoration for your home. 


  • Bag information:

    • circa 40 x 36 x 9 cm 
    • plain weave
    • cotton and linen


    The packaging includes:

    • a little notebook
    • a poem written by Johan Guda
    • two bracelets